Cancer Spreading​/​Fatum split 7''

by Cancer Spreading & Fatum



This 7'' ep comes out as a co-release of DIY labels. Cancer Spreading from Italy and Fatum from Russia are working together to find enough labels/distros to sort it out as soon as possible. If your interested and want to help us just write at


released March 1, 2014




Cancer Spreading Modena, Italy

Cancer Spreading is a stenchcore band born in 2006.We released a demotape, 4 split 7″, a split Lp, a full 7″ ep and a full lenght cd, toured Europe a couple of times, played in some fests and a shitload of gigs. More stuff is going to be released soon.
Our aim is to spread our message of nihilism and self-destruction throughout the DIY network that we are involved in.
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Track Name: Cancer Spreading - Insomnia
I close my eyes...
...and I see Hell.
Endless thoughts - demons of the past
please stop torturing me
Shadows of a hopeless future
slowly killing me.
Paranoid hallucinations
Unknown shapes in the darkness
I need some rest...
Strange, fevered visions - life
When this night will ever end?
Insomnia - killing me.
It seems ages since I can't sleep
When this ache will ever end?
Insomnia - killing me.
I need some rest...
I hear screams and whispers
they are calling me
As I stand in the darkness
I can clearly see my chains
then I realize I can't escape
from the horrors of my mind.