Last Legion Alive side recorded, mixed and mastered by Bri Doom in Summer 2012 @1in12 studio, Bradford, UK.

Cancer Spreading side recorded, mixed and mastered by Marà in Summer 2012 @ Marà Cave, Italy.

A DIY Conspiracy Production promoted by Black Down Records, Death Crush Records, Ya-Basta, Scream Records, Deviance Records, Mankind Disaster Records, ActiveRebellion, Black Raven Records.

Front and back cover artworks by Stiv of War.


released September 15, 2013




Cancer Spreading Modena, Italy

Cancer Spreading is a stenchcore band born in 2006.We released a demotape, 4 split 7″, a split Lp, a full 7″ ep and a full lenght cd, toured Europe a couple of times, played in some fests and a shitload of gigs. More stuff is going to be released soon.
Our aim is to spread our message of nihilism and self-destruction throughout the DIY network that we are involved in.
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Track Name: Cancer Spreading - Intro/ Sickened By Your Sight
See.. through Chaos
The lies and the blindness
Feel... an urge
to purify through scorn.

Yet another day of civilized abominations
Self inflicted pain rising from the abyss
Extreme refusal of social conventions
to live in anguish is to live in pain.
Track Name: Cancer Spreading - Self Destructive Behaviour
Inhaling death
to feel alive
Swallow my pain
and puke on myself
I don't have the strenght to face another day
I need to shut up the voices in my head
But there's no relief from my misery
can't find a way to avoid this shit

Fuck you! I don't need to explain
the reasons why I choosed to intoxicate
keep away from me your sickening morals
(watching) your face it's enough for me

I see all of you on the way to hell.

And you look so dead... so dead...
Track Name: Cancer Spreading - The Soulless Preacher

He came from unknown lands
and raised a new faith
the fools started to swarm
because they were so weak

He offered salvation
to the hopeless sons of grief
He showed them the glory of pain
They started to obey...

Minds grinder - the soulless preacher

Beneath of a bloodred sky
A new order was to be born
The neverending trail of slaughters
would have never stopped
And so the time was right
To reveal his true face
He had no human shape
(He was) just the reflection of their fears.

Minds grinder - the soulless preacher

He destroyed cities, enslaved masses
his only weapon is deceit
Alone he stands on his own mission
To erase mankind by their own sins.
Track Name: Cancer Spreading - Kingdom Of Rats
How do you feel to crawl everyday
Out of the corners of the kingdom of rats
Leeching my hopes, depression sets in
They feed on this passive state of decay

I feel - like they gnaw at my skin
Their eyes - stealing away my life
The weak - devouring the weaker
Until we all die.

You feast on the bones of your freedom's corpse.
Reproduce and consume, satysfing your biological needs.
I'm poisoned by the stagnant repetition of your pathethic existences,
thousands of black holes where we are all encaged.
I drown in the putrid waters that feeds you all,
as darkness descends on our cursed race.

Hide yourselves
down your black holes:
soon you'll realize that you are the prey
The ones above you
fed you and encaged you
Laughing as they play with your rotten corpses.

Generations of rats... I curse you all.
Track Name: Cancer Spreading - Mo(u)rning Again
As another night ends
Restless creatures
still stands on
the inglorious corpses

My minds turns off, I'm too fucking drunk

Like wasted soldiers
we start the war
And we always knows
that sobriety will lose.

My minds turns off, I'm too fucking drunk